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Esme Symes-Smith (they/them) grew up in the Southwest of England on a diet of pixie dust and fairy-tales where kids disappeared up far-away trees and into secret gardens, and through time-traveling clocks. Words were a portal from the mundane into the fantastic, and at ten they dedicated their
life to exploration.

That vocation took them north to coastal Wales to study literature and creative writing, then across the sea to America when they met a cute girl through a mutual obsession with Sherlock Holmes and fell in love.

Finally settled, Esme focused on their own stories and taught themselves how to write novels, the ghost of their younger self always watching the page over their shoulder.

When they’re not scribbling, Esme deals caffeine to the addicted, wrangles socks from their fur-babies’ mouths, and leads their best Millennial Life with the family they always wanted.