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From my Now What Series

Now What? is a series dedicated to navigating post-query life and the agent-author relationship. The designated audience is querying writers or writers thinking about taking a traditional publishing route. Authors from every stage of their writing career have come together to tell their stories. They understand the struggles of querying and moving forward with an agent and are here to help.

Looking for a specific topic? All posts are below and separated by what material they cover.

The Call

Inside an Offer Call
Alexis Ames

Agent Offers

How To Know If An Agent is Right For You
Ana Franco

Five Things You Should Do Once You Sign with a Literary Agent
Elizabeth Toth

Agent-Author Relationship

How To Communicate with Your Agent 
Alexandra Overy

Three Myths and Two Truths About Getting An Agent
Tammy Oja

Signs You’ve Got a Legit Agent (and Red Flags to Look Out For)
Shannon Price

Changing Paths

Parting with an Agent
Caitlin LaRue


Keeping Motivation after Signing with An Agent
Holly Hughes

Going on Submission

Writing the Post-Query Book
Rachel Feinberg

How To Discover Editors
Carolyne Topdjian

One Yes and How to Surf a Tsunami of Rejection
Eddy Boudel Tan


How To Come Up with a Marketing Plan for Your Book
Larissa Lopes