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What I'll Edit

What I Won't Edit

  • Full Length MG & YA

  • Queries, Synopses, Blurbs

  • A Select Number of Chapters

  • Graphic Horror Stories

  • Erotica

Turn Around

2-3 weeks depending on length of manuscript. Less than a week for synopses, blurbs, and chapters.


Rates are determined based on the length of the manuscript or set of chapters and the extent of the edit you would like. 

For only proofreading a manuscript - looking out for grammar, spelling, punctuation etc - I will charge a flat fee of $.004 per word. 

For only one package - line editing or developmental editing - I will charge a flat fee of $.008 per word.

For both line editing and developmental editing, I will charge a flat fee of $.010 per word.

For queries, synopses, and blurbs, they go for a flat rate of $20. For additional passes, after the first, there will be a $5 charge.

How To Pay: I accept 50% of the full payment prior to starting the project and the other 50% once the project has been completed. Payment via PayPal is preferred.


For a full manuscript edit, I will send you back two documents. The first will be an annotated version of your story with comments I’ve made as I’ve read. These comments can range from grammar problems, to plot inconsistencies, to my reactions.

The second document will be an analysis highlighting the good aspects of your manuscript, what needs work, and any major plot holes or issues I found.