I was lucky enough to be chosen by Megan for Pitchwars 2018. I'd taken my book as far as I could and was frustrated with how it still wasn't right. Megan's brilliant suggestions aligned with my vision and helped me enhance my stakes, characters, pacing, etc to the next level. She knew exactly what it still needed and guided me with helpful notes on how to achieve them. It's hard to get criticism on your work, but Megan made me feel like a brilliant writer even as she pointed out what I needed to fix. Her knowledge on what makes a good story is spectacular, and I couldn't recommend her enough. 

Jessica Froberg

Pitchwars 2018 Mentee

Megan did a fabulous job directing me toward potential comp titles. Without having read the manuscript, she gave me three options that didn’t just pick up on the plot within my query, but the nuances of the atmosphere I was trying to create. Her choices were thoughtful and relevant, and I would absolutely recommend her to any author struggling with comp titles!

Cortney Radocaj

Associate Agent at Belcastro Literary

If you are searching for an editor who is kind, encouraging, and approachable, but will also provide invaluable critique and feedback, look no further. Megan pointed out potential plot holes and areas that could use more development, provided line edits that highlighted overused words and awkward phrases, and managed all of this while highlighting what was working and what made her laugh. I will be forever grateful for Megan’s insight and warm spirit. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to hire Megan, hop off. Do it now.

Cheryl Caldwell

MG and Humorist Writer

I am very pleased with the critique provided to me by Megan Manzano. In my 90,000-word manuscript Bubblegum, Megan presented precise edits that greatly improved the flow and logic of my story. I was particularly impressed by her eye for continuity – catching even small details in later pages and chapters! All notes were given in a concise and patient matter, and I never felt like I was being chastised for my mistakes. She is punctual with communication and provides her services in a professional manner. She also provided me with much needed assistance on my back cover, author bio, and dedication. Megan is a joy to work with, and I hope to utilize her skills again in the future.

Sari Taurez

Author of Bubblegum

Working with Megan was a fantastic experience. I was starting my first major revision on my manuscript and her insights and suggestions helped me to see beyond my words to some underlying issues that needed to be ironed out. Turning over your work to an editor can be intimidating, but not with Megan. Her comments and suggestions were always positive and she took the time to explain the reasoning behind why she felt something might need to be tweaked. Her experience as both an editor and a reader allows her to make suggestions that appeal to both audiences. She was so approachable throughout the project–communications were friendly and professional and she was more than willing to clarify or discuss a comment when needed. I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience.

Katie Passerotti

Megan’s line edits and big-picture comments on strengths and weaknesses in my YA historic fantasy were incredibly helpful. She articulated what I sensed was off about my first three chapters and gave me a lot of advice for moving forward.

KC Grifant

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